Encino Motorcars LLC v. Navarro: The Regulatory Pendulum Swings Back to the Department of Labor, by Ruben J. Garcia

Unfortunately for the service advisor plaintiffs in the case, six justices voted to swing the regulatory pendulum back to the DOL to get more detail about why the DOL currently holds that service advisors should not be exempt from the coverage of overtime pay, and two justices voted to end the case and enter judgment for the defendants. Read More …

Imagine a Church Without Women

Catholics petition the American bishops to build a church that includes women during the bishops’ annual meeting in San Diego. Many studies show a decline in millennial women’s church attendance. Patricia Miller writes about a lost generation of Catholic women here. Think about it, as Catholics for Choice’s president Jon O’Brien explained: J “Can you imagine if Apple told its women employees that they could go to the cafeteria and make lunch for everyone but that they couldn’t be on the Board of Directors? The Catholic Church is the only large institution that we accept this from.”