We are two constitutional law professors, who want to bring women’s voices and issues to the forefront of constitutional law and law and religion debates.

Meet The Professors:



Professor Marci A. Hamilton
Paul R. Verkuil Chair in Public Law, Benjamin N. Cardozo Law
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Professor Leslie C. Griffin
William S. Boyd Professor of Law, UNLV Boyd School of Law


Our Mission

We celebrate the diversity of faith and non-faith in the United States and support laws that promote and protect such diversity. We challenge the accepted orthodoxy in constitutional law that too frequently keeps entrenched power structures in place at the expense of women, children and minorities.
We seek to advance legal discourse that promotes religious toleration and brings the healthy separation of church and state back into the academic and political arena to ensure that the United States remains the peacefully diverse country it is. We recognize that the First Amendment protects beliefs absolutely, but subjects conduct to the rule of law.

Books We’ve Written