Happy 230th Birthday to Madison's Memorial and Remonstrance

Today is the 230th birthday of James Madison’s Memorial and Remonstrance. Madison wrote the famous document in response to Patrick Henry’s plan to raise taxes so that the government could support Christianity. Henry’s Bill establishing a provision for Teachers of the Christian Religion began with the idea that “the general diffusion of Christian knowledge hath a natural tendency to correct the morals of men, restrain their vices, and preserve the peace of society” and therefore proposed a tax to support Christian teaching. James Madison immediately saw the dangers of Henry’s proposal to link church and state in such a manner, warning that it would Read More …

Happy Easter

Good Luck to the Notre Dame Women’s basketball team in the Final Four. They play Sunday night against South Carolina.                                                   Picture Credit: http://all-free-download.com/free-vector/vector-misc/easter_chicks_vector_3_154020.html