Nina Frank

Nina Frank is an attorney in New York, representing individual employees in litigation and negotiation in all areas of employment law.

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Gretchen Carlson Seeks to Expose Roger Ailes’ Toxic Male Gaze, and Might Deal a Blow to Forced Arbitration in the Process, by Nina Frank

Not only has she stood up publicly against harassment and retaliation, but her lawsuit has also allowed a possible avenue to fight against the rigged system of employment arbitration. Not bad for a â€

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From Knee-Jerk Reactions to Thoughtful Discussion: Using Mindfulness to Address Privilege, by Nina Frank

It turns out that mindfulness can help with both recognizing the implicit biases we all hold, as well as guarding against the tendency to become defensive, or, on the other end of the reactive spectru

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Beyond Ban the Box – Combating Black Underemployment and the Criminality Myth, by Nina Frank

If you are white, how many times have you heard the argument that black people are overrepresented in the criminal justice system because they in fact commit more crimes? That black Americans are some

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